Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Elle Clothes

New Elle Out now! For the new theme "Born to be wild"! These new elle clothes have a modern yet girly style.These clothes stand out,which is a good thing! The prices are reasonable.Also Dot came out with the new "White Collection".The makeup is a whites and creams that pop for people who want dark yet light eye shadow.

Exclusive Guitar

Get an exclusive guitar from Bandslam,starring Vannessa Hudgens and Aly Michalka.I logged in today to find two guests in my suite.Check out the Bandslam Videos and get a guitar,that easy.Also you get Vannessa Hudgens and Aly Michalka in your suite! Cool,right? So,log in to stardoll now to get your guitar!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I was visiting the callie.stardoll and i gave her a makeover.I really didn't like the look before.
What i changed:
Hair: I made her hair darker,it's a much more rich color,I also changed her hair style.It fits her better.
Lips:I changed her lip stick to a dark pink
Face:I made her eye liner darker and gave her dark makeup.
Accessories:I really didn't like her accessories,so i changed it to the hot buys headband.

New Layout?

Well,the friends and clubs have a new layout.I like it.It's less clutered.I think stardoll will be doing more changes over time.what to you think?

New Doll

Okay,I think this doll is new? Anyway,Kurt Cobain has a doll.For superstars only right now but i don't know how long.I don't have any spoilers or cheats sorry.But,his doll has the new "Born to be wild" Outfits.

Yayy Stardoll!

Yayyy.Stardoll finally fixed it.Okay these are the Born to be wild outfits.They look okay,but i have to try them on first.I hope the prices are reasonable.I will post the prices soon.


Okay guys,I found the answer to the "Born to be wild" Styled outfits.They are for guys only.Haha,stardoll.Very funny.You give the guys "Born to be wild" But we want "Miss Sixty".I am demend it! But,it's also okay clothes for guys.If i was a guy on stardoll,I won't buy it but it's an okay style.I really love the jeans,just perfect.Thank you stardoll,for another trick on us.